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02:36pm 13/05/2006
  I can't believe its Saturday.

I've spent the last couple days sitting on my couch and drawing like a mad person. I had only received 18 hours this week to work so I decided to use it to my advantage. No need begging for hours at a job I hate.

Seriously, new resume needed, stat.

Upon checking my email (left unattended for days because I never use my computer anymore) I find that Jamie has revised the schedule and I now have to stay until two in the morning to complete rental inventory.


And goodies upon goodies I get to work a three to close shift next weekend also on Saturday.

So upon ignoring all my friends on Msn, including my family, I'm sure I've created a rift. I now have a phone again though...so phone me.

We'll chat.

The old fashion way.
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I are the champion   
03:05pm 08/05/2006
  There have been a spew of these images (such as the one below) on one of my favorite past times of stalking images on fuzzysquid. Never one to pass up a good test, I decided to take it and see how I panned out.

It was decidedly easy.

You can see so by my score.

But everyone else was scoring 50-80 range.

Is everyone retarded?

Seriously people, I'm not THAT smart, but according to this I rank 64 points above the general population who take this test.

I guess smart food really does make one smart.

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Sometimes lifes a bitch   
02:25pm 18/04/2006
  Like me.

Before I begin, let me explain that we have these samples of gum that are supposed to go to people who rent games. Sure at the beginning we had tons and through passing them out and me taking a handful at the end of each shift...its beginning to dwindle.

Yesterday some random child entered bbv, came to the front and asked if he could have some of our free gum. Lets call this child of randomly aging between ten to twelve Tim.

Tim: Can I get some of that free gum?
Me: Are you going to buy anything?
Tim: They just gave it to me last time...
Me: Well the gum only goes to our customers
Tim:...so I can't have any gum?
Me: Are you going to buy something?
Tim: I have no money
Me: Then no

And I walked away.

It may seem a little harsh, but baby, lifes tough. Look at me, I have to work at blockbuster and serve little children that don't even ask by placing 'please' or 'thank you' in their speech.

I probably would have given him some had he asked properly, but that not being the case, no gum for you.

More for me.

In other random news, I'm going to see if I can gte my taxes done today. I STILL can't find the receipt for my computer, which upsets me. I'm going to see if I can claim it anyways.
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Oooooowwwwie, my head hurts   
04:29pm 29/03/2006
  I've had a headache for the since yesterday. I have no idea if its the weather turning so decidedly nice and uncold or a tumor. It could be a tumor. A tumor that fed on all the diet coke I consumed, but no longer do.

I'm now caffeine free.

For now.

I've been taking care of Melissa's cat while shes in Las Vegas. It takes me about an hour on a good traveling day and an hour and a half on a bad day. I've become quite fond to taking the streetcar there and walking back through the skywalk. As for the time it takes to get there, well, its not like I'm doing anything else.

Yesterday as I got on the streetcar, some random well dressed girl manically chewed her Popsicle stick in my direction. I have no idea how to feel about this, but it was random and made me laugh.

Its not everyday someone frantically chews something at you.

I'm now listening to Lisa Loeb.

How 1995.
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I WAS going to write about being sick...   
12:38am 22/03/2006
  BUT THEN....

John ran into the house screaming that people are filming a movie outside, down our street. I threw on clothes, grabbed my camera and we both marched as fast as our pretty little feet could carry us.

It starred Clive Owen.

I think hes hot.

Its a bad photo, but I haven't retouched it. The 'people' asked us not to take photos, so I had to stop. Oh well.

Ahhh...my brief touch with fame.
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Late late late   
03:37pm 17/03/2006
  I'm always late.

I can't help it. I get sucked into a moment and forget I have other things to do. I should AT LEAST be on a Go train right now, but I'm not. Shopping at the mall took FOREVER! Its so hard buying on a budget, especially when you want to buy that person something they'll really like and not just shove into the back of their closet.

So I missed another train and the short of it is, I'll be taking the 4:30.

Maybe its just my mind trying to resist going back to Oakville. Though, right now, the situation I was in Oakville (being broke) is the same situation I have in Toronto. The only difference is its bigger and I can travel for free with my Metropass.

John and I have discussed continuing to live together after this year. Its like I'm in a relationship, only I don't have to put out.

Back to packing.


Is there any hope for me?
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02:34pm 16/03/2006
  I'm debating going into work early for the extra hour. I really could use the extra hours seeming how Jamie only gave me 22 again. I really just like sitting here though.

I'm a lazy ass.

I've been drawing hardcore lately (nothing I want to show Ted, so please don't ask me to scan). Looking at where I'm situated in my life, its no use feeling sorry for myself, its my own fault. So I'm doing something about it. I've even got an idea for a website which, in my mind, is instrumental in my getting my name out there. I only wish time went a little slower so I had time to just relax without feeling guilty about doing nothing.

I set up my desk and its helped alot. I love my desk. I think I might even break out the paints. I've been taking these cardboard things from work (they would just end up in the garbage anyway so its technically not stealing) and dreaming of all the things I could paint upon them.

I'll have somethings up soon.

I hope.
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I never do random surveys   
01:39am 16/03/2006
  But this one I found looks super fun!

Do a Google image search for the following things and post the first image that comes up.

1. Age you'll be on your next birthday: 26
2. Favourite colour: Pink
3. Your middle name: MacKenzie
4. Your last meal: Turkey and rice
5. A bad habit of yours: Procrastination
6. Favourite fruit or veggie: Cherries
7. Favourite animal: Elephant
8. Town in which you were born: Oshawa
9. Name of current or past pet: Binx
10. Name of best friends: Holly, Melissa and Marion
11. Your first name: Brooke
12. Your surname: Stephenson
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Today is Wednesday   
01:25am 16/03/2006
  I opened the store today and all was perfect. Hell, I finished everything before eleven and decided to tackle MisMatch because it was over flowing with empty cases and wrong store.
(I know this mean nothing to some that haven't had the pleasure of working at bbv...)

Then, the shit hit the fan...or the door rather.

Jamie popped by and the door decided to commit suicide once more by snapping open and breaking all kind of bits off itself. It repeatedly slammed into the side of the building. As Jamie called the door people, AGAIN, I proceeded to attach a sign notifying the public to use the other door as the wind sucked and blew and the damn door continued to beat itself senseless.

Though, last time I checked, doors didn't have a lot of sense.

More people flooded into the store, braving the flapping door...sort of like a fun house...who would survive. I know its mean, but I was kind of hoping the door would whap against this one girl's ass as she left, but the door was only down on beating itself and dragging me outside as I tried to keep it shut.

In short, many boxes filled with receipt paper trapped the door against its will.

I love how I bullied the door guy into getting another door guy to stop by and semi-fix the problem.

Door guy: Looks like its going to be a lot of work. The wind keeps destroying the hinge
me: (well...duh!) Okay...
Door Guy: I'll send someone out to fix it tomorrow, will that be a problem?
me: yes seeming how I can't lock the door any longer

So Door guy saunters over to the mighty door and uses his manly strength to try and turn the lock to no avail.

He comes back to me

Door Guy: Okay, I'll have someone over in an hour.

Loves it!
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Thorn in my Mod   
04:32am 04/03/2006
  Thats right, braving the winter cold, I traveled once again to the Mod club to see Thornley.

I don't know the band.

Or their songs, but it was a free ticket and I actually had a good time.

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Cuff my duke   
01:49pm 03/03/2006
  Gosh, this was fun

More after jumpCollapse )
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Urged to update   
12:47pm 21/02/2006
  Life is mundane.

I'm working a job I hate and have been continuously placed with a person I loathe.

John recently got a job a porn store and I'm jealous. He doesn't have to communicate with anyone. I, on the other hand, must be pleasant and sweet and encourage people to buy things they just don't need.

If life were a test, I would have received a D right now.

I do love living in Toronto. Thats one aspect of my life that I enjoy. I also enjoy residing with John. Its amazing we get along as we do.

The weekend started out fun and the became so painfully annoying and stressed that it was unnecessary. Maybe the next weekend following will be better...or not seeming how I close.

I'm twenty-five now, it should be better then this right?

There...stop bothering me Melissa
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Morning already?   
04:56am 06/12/2005
  I really need to get my sleeping pattern back. Yesterday I didn't fall asleep until 7am.

Today, its now 4:57am.


Tonight I was walked to the Pape Station after work. Seems the Danforth store fears my safety while working there. I listened to the csr ramble on about how much progress women had made over the years, but how physically weak they are.

Whatever, I didn't get bonked over the head and dragged into an alley and raped the last time I walked to the station alone, but if it makes the boys at Danforth and Jones feel its their duty to walk me, then lead the way guys.

It was this prevention from my normal fast pace that made me miss my bus and seeing how the next one wasn't coming for another 20 minutes, I hopped the subway and made my way downtown to catch the Queen Streetcar.

It was a peaceful ride. Pleasant and warm, I was glad I didn't wait for the bus. While I waited for the streetcar, I ogled the Narnia displays (which are really spectacular, I suggest anyone thats in the area go take a look). The streetcar came without incident and I boarded.

My stop arrived and I hopped off, eager to go home and eat fries and watch a movie. I had been looking forward to it since the idea popped into my head at Yonge-Bloor. I innocently waited for the light to turn green so I could make my way home, tired and hungry.

Cars drove past. Some taxis too. I really didn't pay much attention until this one car drove past, the driver leering at me.

'Oh my' I thought 'I hope he doesn't think I'm a prostitute.'

As I crossed the street, I glanced down the street to discover a car was pulling a u-ie and coming back down the street.

'Oh my' I thought 'That couldn't be that guy'

Well it seems he did turn around and it seems he did think I was a prostitute. I couldn't hear what he said (I had my music on) as he pulled over on the curb to talk to me. I kept walking, pace getting faster and considering whipping out my cell phone to call John to come save me.

He seemed to get the hint though and he sped off, turning back to the way he was originally heading.

I should have known better, dressing the way I did. I mean who can blame him.

My blockbuster uniform just screams SEX.

All right, time to see if I can sleep.
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I guess I should try sleeping   
04:03am 05/12/2005
  But I'm not even tired. I'm considering staying up and crashing after work some time tomorrow...but lack of funds needed to buy the much needed caffeine for such an endeavor...well it could get messy.

I think I'll go to sleep and wake up at a reasonable time...like ten or eleven.

Reasonable enough for me...not the average person with a meaningful job.

I actually watched the Dukes Of Hazzard movie tonight. Now, I've never seen an episode...the closest was a trailer for the boxset, so I had no idea what I was getting into. Wow...I didn't need to see the show...they kept bringing up episodes with insane outcomes.

Cars flying over things, onto roads and into other cars.

Jessica Simpson acting...not too horribly, but she wasn't in it too much.

It wasn't bad.

It wasn't good.

I don't think I will watch it again


I did draw a couple things, so some good did come out of it.
Sunday Morning   
04:56pm 04/12/2005
  Well, its really not morning but since I only awoke two hours ago, I'll take what I can get.

Hung out at Melissas last night. Drank the last of my alcohol and some of theirs before heading out to the Dance cave. Hurrah! Fun!

Guy in Pirate shirts + Drunk Girls dancing + White guys dancing + Dj playing my request = fun

The only sad part of the evening was the cute dangling earring I lost. I don't know what it is about dangling earrings, but they make me feel pretty, so the loss of one is saddening as I don't own many.

Now I'm going to buy cat food and a loaf of bread so my animals and I don't starve.

Random thought...I miss college sometimes.
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Happy golden days of yore   
04:04pm 03/12/2005
  So I closed last night and wasn't it fun. Yep, Friday nights with only three people? Hell, why not only two or better yet, why not just me?

Short of it all, Nate sucks. It only makes me dislike him more.

Last night went all right though, no one got angry and we sold ten rewards. Selling things and the fact that no one yelled at made it a good evening...perhaps I should find a meaningful job. The free ten rentals are nice though.

The hot customer I had been eyeing and flirting with came in last night with a girl. My little heart shattered (well, not really..it beat a couple thuds of disappointment). Damn...and he was so cute too.

Speaking of guys, why do they feel the need to wink at me? Just random guys...winking. Some with girls or wives waiting until their significant other takes the movies and BAM!


Note to everyone who winks...its creepy so stop it.
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Known simply as Brooke   
03:36pm 02/12/2005
  Last night I worked at the Danforth and Jones store. It was interesting...to say the least.

The manager there, Ken, had set up my account sometime last week when I had agreed to work there. So I pull up my number (44444) and see I'm simply stated as Brooke. Its like I'm so famous I need only be mentioned as one name.

Somehow, someway, Coke was delivered at ten in the evening. Baffled (Who delivers something so late?), I told the guy to place it near the front, leaving it so the opening manager could receive it. After ten, I do nothing but focus on cleaning duties.

Another thing, it seems I'm found attractive at Danforth and jones. Guys kept hitting on me and the deliver guy even told me I was beauitful. If anything, I'll go back to Danforth and Jones simply for the boost in confidence.

Oh, I created a sketching journal in which I hope to place something everyday (hahahaha). Go put Dabbledoodle in your friends list.

Come on, all the cool kids are doing it.
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Hey wow.   
04:17pm 24/11/2005
  Looks like I'll have to talk to Jamie.

Hes only scheduled me for 20 hours next week. WTF!?!?!

I guess I can take all my extra time next week and find a new job.
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Update for the week   
05:37pm 18/11/2005
  Exactly a week ago, I was preparing for Mike's birthday bash. Short of it all, I got far too drunk, forgot too much of what I said or did and slept in and opened the store ten minutes late.

What became of me opening the store late? Nothing. Life is so disorganized in this store. Its growing on me.

I love that it seems that I will continually get Fridays off. I meant to spend the day cleaning and preparing for Hollys visit, but alas, my warm bed was far more inviting and I laid around all day reading.

Sorry about the mess, Hols, thats just me.

I'm exciting about seeing Harry Potter tonight. I actually put forethought and bought the tickets before hand...unlike that famous moment in time...

yeah, I just tried to find that entry...but I'm sure everyone knows what happened at the first Harry Potter.

I better go clean...or something.
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03:39am 12/11/2005
  Ryan kept telling me I was easy.


Since I only brought Pete home and hes sleeping on my couch!


For straight boys misconceptions.!!!!!

Oh, god, hideously drunk....I need to pass out.

Night all!
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