Brooke (madcat_08) wrote,


I'm debating going into work early for the extra hour. I really could use the extra hours seeming how Jamie only gave me 22 again. I really just like sitting here though.

I'm a lazy ass.

I've been drawing hardcore lately (nothing I want to show Ted, so please don't ask me to scan). Looking at where I'm situated in my life, its no use feeling sorry for myself, its my own fault. So I'm doing something about it. I've even got an idea for a website which, in my mind, is instrumental in my getting my name out there. I only wish time went a little slower so I had time to just relax without feeling guilty about doing nothing.

I set up my desk and its helped alot. I love my desk. I think I might even break out the paints. I've been taking these cardboard things from work (they would just end up in the garbage anyway so its technically not stealing) and dreaming of all the things I could paint upon them.

I'll have somethings up soon.

I hope.
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